What Gear Do You Need for Tennis? A Unlimited Guide

Tennis is one of the most played games in the world but needs too much equipment. People from all over the world love to play this game and day by day this game is wondering people with its beauty. Some people are playing this game professionally and some are playing for refreshment or physical fitness.

It is not important why you are playing this game, the important is what gear you use for playing tennis. It is necessary to use suitable gear in tennis. There is some must-need gear do you need for tennis, such as a tennis racquet, ball, tennis net, opponent, shoes, t-shirt, sunscreen, etc.

If you are interested to know what equipment you need for playing tennis then you are at the right place to know. In my today’s article, I would like to share the best guideline on what gear one needs for playing tennis.

What gear do you need for tennis?

What gear do you need for tennis

1. Racquet

A racquet is the most essential gear which you needed to play tennis. Without a bat, you will not be able to play tennis. There are different types of tennis bats available in the market you can choose a bat as your requirement. You can easily find a bat within your budget at a shop.

Also, you need to know some major things when you are going to buy a tennis racquet. like weight, length, and head size. These things have a good effect on your gameplay.
This gear should be followed by a tennis racquet;

  • Strings
  • Grip and Overgrip
  • Vibration Dampener
  • Lead Tape

Here is some best tennis racquet you may choose to start your tennis game.


2. Ball

A tennis ball is also an essential gear for playing tennis. There are lots of tennis balls you may find on the market and with different amounts of budgets. You have to be very careful while you are selecting a ball. People are like Wilson and ATP tennis balls most.

The ball is an essential gear that must be required when you play tennis. You have to keep in your mind what kind of tennis ball you want, the size of the ball, and whether it is pressureless or pressurized.

When you are going to buy a tennis ball you will see there are lots of tennis ball brands and you can buy your ball at different prices. Here I have mentioned some renowned tennis ball brands. You have the option to choose the longest lasting tennis balls.

  • Penn Tennis Balls
  • Wilson Tennis Balls
  • Dunlop Tennis Balls
  • Prince Tennis Balls
  • Gamma Tennis Balls

3. Tennis Court

A tennis court is also great gear for playing tennis, you can not play tennis everywhere. This game can be played only on the tennis court. It may be turf or grass but have to be a proper tennis court. You can’t deny the importance of a tennis court in the gear you need to play this game.

4. Tennis Net

The tennis net is an extremely essential gear for playing this game. Without a net you can’t correctly play tennis, so you have to need a net. Also, you have to ensure that the net is of proper size. The proper size for a net is to be 33 feet for a single and 42 feet for a double match.

5. Opponent

You cannot play by yourself alone. You need an opponent, whether you want to play this game in a single mood. If you would like to play tennis in a double mood you have to be two members of each team. So, partner/opponent is an important gear for playing tennis.

6. Wrist Bands

Wrist bands also play an important role in a tennis player’s life. It is worn to prevent the player’s palms or racquet from wetting with sweat.

7. Headband or Head Cap

A headband and Head cap is used to tie the player’s hair away from their face. This also helps to absorb the sweat from the player’s forehead.

8. Tennis Shoes

If you want to play tennis you must have tennis shoes. Without tennis shoes you can’t play tennis with normal walking shoes, it may cause you an ankle injury.

9. Tennis Shirt

A tennis shirt is also important for a tennis player in the game. You will not feel comfortable with any kind of t-shirt. You may get wet from sweating playing tennis. This will protect you from the discomfort of sweat veggies, which you would not get from a normal t-shirt. I can suggest to you some T-shirts that are suitable for a tennis player.

  • Nike Men’s Legend Short Sleeve Tee
  • Nike Men’s Park Short Sleeve T-shirt
  • Addidas Men’s Tennis Freelift Polo Shirt.
  • Under Armour Men’s Tech 2.0 Short Sleeve T-shirt.

10. Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one the most essential pieces of equipment for a tennis player. The sun can be so intense but most of the time you will not understand the sunburn until you are off the court. So, it should be in every player’s bag.

11. Water Bottle

Sports is always required physical strength. So, you should be prepared for every condition. Water is a very essential element for human beings. Especially during playing time, we just need water no matter what kind of weather you playing in.

It helps us to recover the sweat that we lose during playing time. You just need to find which water bottles you need hot/cold.

12. Towels

The towel is equipment which you need to carry with you. After playing for a while you can get wet by sweat. A towel will absorb the sweat from your body and gives you fresh feelings. You will find different sizes of towels at different costs.


What should a beginner wear for tennis?

You must wear these things such as tennis shoes with non-marking soles with colder. Also, you may use leggings or underlayers and you should wear warm-up clothing that is especially for tennis players and get the freedom of movement.

What should I bring to a tennis game?

A lot of things you should put in your tennis bag

  • 2 Tennis Racquet
  • Tennis Balls
  • Water Bottle
  • Towels try to must double
  • Tennis hat/Cap
  • Sun Protection
  • Extra Clothes
  • Extra Pair of Shoes
  • Stretching Gear
  • Backup Strings

Final Thoughts

It is mandatory in every game that you have the proper equipment that is needed for playing this game. Tennis also has some must-need gear such as a tennis racquet, tennis ball, court, net, opponent, shoes, t-shirt, water bottle, sunscreen, etc.

When any beginner tennis players want to play this game he/she must be concerned about how to choose a tennis racquet or ball. Also, have to be concerned about what gear do you need for tennis playing tennis.