Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head Ti S6 – Which one is the Best Tennis Racket?

You might have seen that all tennis rackets aren’t designed following the same technology. Each racket is unique in its characteristics. This article will compare Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head Ti S6 to see the main variation between them.

Both rackets are too oversized frames but it ok for the beginner rather than intermediate to advance tennis players. So look below I used the 2007 and 2013 versions of the Babolat Drive Max 110 and Head Ti S6.

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head Ti S6 – Comparison Between them?

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs Head Ti S6

Similarities: Both two racket is amazing for tennis player but it has a beam width of 27mm-28mm.

Specs:  Drive Max 110 TiS6
Version: 2013 2007

Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis



HEAD Ti S6 Tennis Racket
Head Size: 110in 115in
Length: 27.5in 27.75in
Strung Weight: 275g (9.7oz) 252g (8.90oz)
Swing weight: 302 318
Balance: 2 pts HH 8 pts HH
TW Stiffness Rating: 69 75
Power: Medium to High Medium to High
Player Level: Beginner Beginner
Beam Width: 27mm-28mm 27mm-28mm
Colors: Blue, Black, and White Black and Silver
String Pattern: 16 x 20 16 x 19
Grip Type: Babolat Syntec Soft Head Cushion Grip
Mains Skip: 8T, 8H 8T,7H,9H

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs Head Ti S6 – Racket Specs Comparison

Both are different models of tennis rackets in the market. The performance and playing style of a tennis player significantly relies on the tennis racket. But whatever you select this is a reliable one according to the play style.

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head TI S6 are both outstanding tennis rackets among casual players. They are incredible performers, read this guide carefully and learn which one is the better option for you. So their main specification is that the Drive Max 110 has a smaller head size (110in vs. 115in).

A shorter racket length (27.5in vs. 27.75in), a heavier strung weight (9.7oz vs. 8.9oz), a significantly lower swing weight (302 vs. 318), a less head-heavy balance (2pts. HH vs. 8pts. HH), a lower frame stiffness rating (16 x 20 vs 16 x 19).

drive max 110 vs head ti s6

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head Ti S6 – Which one to Choose?

To explore all the details of the Babolat Drive Max 110 and Head Ti S6, both rackets will get the attention of many tennis players. Head Ti S6 is a combo of the power tennis racket, and a large sweet spot, durable, and lightweight, making it ideal for anyone who loves tennis.

If you are a beginner or recreational player looking for an affordably priced tennis racket, Head Ti S6 would be the best option. On the contrary, It is all the required features that a standard tennis racket should possess.

Because this racket delivers the needed speed, control, power, and performance. Further Babolat is a little stiff for beginners but suitable for at the beginning and tennis lovers who want to improve their skills.

Player Recommendations

This head racket is synthetic gut making the string pattern one of the bests in its price range. A player can put some topspin when playing a shot. Especially, the string’s durability is tall. Therefore, you can play with it for a long time, and you don’t need to rush to a store to do maintenance.

So now you can see the level of a tennis player, and recommendations for recreational players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Player Level

DM 110








Features & Benefits of These Two Rackets

Both these racket Head Ti S6 and Babolat Drive Max 110 is a beginner-level tennis racket that helps take tennis skill to the next level. This beginner-level racket is also affordably priced. Look at the other features of it.

Size & Weight

The head size is 115 sq. inches, which naturally lets a player hit the ball over the net. Compared to its class, the head size is the largest. But the Babolat is all size and offers impressive stability.

String Pattern

Babloat’s string pattern is so dense and measures 1 by 20”. This guarantees shot accuracy by providing adequate energy when playing a shot. The Head has a high string pattern. Thus, you can play with it for a longer time without any noise and rush.

Explosive Power

It is true that the racket is extremely powerful and it allows air resistance is also eliminated by the lightweight feature. Also, you will be able to create high speed in your swings.

Final Words

Babolat Drive Max 110 vs. Head TI S6 is the best quality tennis racket. If you are a beginner and recreational tennis player you can definitely choose it.