How to Choose A Tennis Racquet for Beginners; A Unlimited Guide

Tennis is a popular game across the world. Especially people in Europe and Australia are loves to play and watch this game. It is going to be more and more popular with people day by day.

So, many new people are interested to play this game. Before starting to play tennis it is very important to know how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners. A great tennis racquet for beginners must be lighter in weight which is easier to swing and play a longer to a tiring but the heavier racket can be harder to move to begin with.

So, one should be very careful to choose a tennis racquet for beginners.

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet for Beginners

Choosing a tennis racquet for a beginner is not so easy as the player has no experience with the racquet that can be good for him or worse. Some important things need to be remembered when buying a tennis racquet for a beginner. We clearly mention that you, how to select a tennis racquet for beginners.

how to choose a tennis racket

Why it is a matter of concern to choose a tennis racquet for beginners

As a beginner tennis player, it is necessary to play with a reasonable tennis racquet for a better experience. There are lots of tennis racquets that are designed for beginner-level players.

A beginner player may experience more success with a racquet designed for the beginner than a racquet designed for an advanced player. Every racquet is designed in different quantities for different types of players how to pick tennis rackets for beginners.

It is important to ensure that how much the player feels comfortable while he or she is playing with the racquet. With more comfort, you will play more and you will improve more. Please check this before buying a tennis racquet how do you pick a tennis racket for beginners?

1. Head Size

The head size of a tennis racquet is very important for a beginner tennis player. It helps a beginner player to hit the ball properly. At the very beginning stage, It is quite impossible to hit the ball in the perfect spot. Also, how to choose a tennis racquet size but this tennis racquet size by age.

So, if the player chooses a large-head tennis racquet instead of a small head it may be good for him. Generally, the large head racquet can be between 95-110 square inches.

2. Weight of the Racquet

The weight of the tennis racquet can play a vital role in choosing the perfect racquet for the beginner. It may be difficult to move the racquet in the beginning if it is heavy. So, the lightweight racquet will be preferable for a beginner player.

Weight is a subject matter for a long time playing, a new tennis player has to play and practice a lot. Also, the lightweight tennis racquet is effortless to pick up and swing. In the beginning, the muscles are starting to develop and get used to being tennis. It may be causes injury to using a heavyweight racquet at the beginning.

The heavyweight tennis racquet is responsible for developing poor technique. That’s why using the perfect weight tennis racquet is very important. The ideal weight of a racquet should be nearly 255-275g for the beginner.

3, Grip Size

Finding the perfect grip size is necessary for every tennis player not only for beginners. Everyone has a different size of hand and required a different size grip for the best performance in the game. There are some sizes of grip available on the market; 100-102mm, 103-105mm, 106-108mm, 109-111mm, 112-114mm, and 115-117mm.

If you can’t choose the perfect grip size then you can buy a small grip racquet for yourself and later you can add or overgrip your racquet at a small cost. Using a perfect grip is very important. Otherwise, it may cause tiring your muscles which eventually led to an injury.

4. Length

The length has also a great impact on choosing a tennis racquet for a beginner player. When any player uses a long tennis racquet he can produce more power than a short racquet. The player can hit the ball from higher up and can aim down to the steeper angle at serving time.

Though it is generate more power than a short tennis racquet. But it is difficult to control, especially for a beginner. The usual length of a tennis racquet could be 27-29 inches long.

5. Balance

It’s a tricky subject to recommend about the balance, it depends on personal interest. For your satisfaction, you should go through the market and choose the best racquet for you with a suitable balance.

6. Stiffness

Stiffness is important to how much the racquet can turn backward and forward when hitting the ball. It depends on the stiffness of the racquet. A stiffer racquet maybe feels the player powerful while he hitting the ball. A stiffer racquet will provide a good amount of shock and vibration to the player.

7. Budget

For a beginner tennis player, budget is also a factor in choosing a tennis racquet. As a beginner you should not go to buy an expensive racquet, you may choose a low-cost racquet for yourself.

The best budget tennis racquet has been chosen for the beginner

What to consider when buying a tennis racket? We mention these names of the tennis racket it is absolutely a great beginning to start with these tennis racquets. That’s all about the help you too, how to pick a tennis racket for beginners. All of these tennis racquet sizes by age.

1. Wilson Federer

This is the most popular racquet for beginner-level players. Wilson Federer a medium-weight and head-light balance racquet. It’s perfectly suited for beginner tennis players.

2. Prince Attack 25

This racquet is suitable for the junior-level beginner. If your child’s age is around 9-10 years old then prince attack 25 can be a perfect choice. It is very lightweight and easy to control for the beginner player.

3. Babolat Pure Drive 107

This is a well-recommended tennis racquet by the experts. As we recommended a beginner chooses a lightweight tennis racquet, this will help him control the tennis racquet in the game, and it is very important to control the racquet at a beginner level.

4. Wilson Clash 108

It can be a fantastic choice for a beginner tennis player. It has a big sweet spot which helps the player to hit the ball perfectly. This is a flexible tennis racquet which makes it comfortable with great control.

5. Head MicroGEL Radical OS

Its 108-inch head size makes it an excellent racquet for beginner tennis players. This racquet offers you amazing control to improve yourself with its 18×20 string pattern.

FAQ about How Do You Pick a Tennis Racket for Beginners

What size tennis racket should a beginner use?

As a beginner tennis player, it is very concerning to choose a tennis racquet. A beginner must be looking for a larger head racquet that measures 98 to 110 square inches.

Does tennis racquet matter for beginners?

Yes, a tennis racquet is a matter for a beginner tennis player. A beginner should not use a heavy-weight racquet, he must choose a lightweight tennis racquet. Because a heavy-weight racquet can be a reason for his elbow injury. Also, the size of a tennis racquet can be a reason for controlling the racquet in the game.

Are lighter tennis rackets better for beginners?

In the beginning, a lighter tennis racquet will be better for a beginner as it is quite easy to control and swing. A lightweight racquet can produce more effortless power than a heavyweight racquet. So, a lightweight tennis racquet will be preferable for a beginner, if he wants to improve himself day by day.

How much should a beginner spend on a tennis racket?

There are lots of tennis racquets available at different prices, but as a beginner, it is not important to spend lots of money on buying a tennis racquet. A decent beginner tennis racquet may cost between $20-$50 and $30-$70. Are you want to be a prime student?

Final Thoughts

These are some important things one should remember when he or she started to play tennis and when he or she wants to buy a tennis racquet.

As a beginner, what type of tennis racquet to buy for beginners? we don’t suggest you to buying an expensive one. On the other hand, if you want to buy a long-lasting racquet then you may go for an expensive one.

The proper size, weight, and stiffness should get the priority for a beginner to choose a tennis racquet. So how to choose a tennis racquet for beginners? It must be a lighter-weight tennis racket that we recommended.