The Best Tennis Balls for Beginners in 2023

Are you looking for the best tennis balls for beginners? This is the place for you and for your younger newbie tennis players. One of the important things you must have to realize when you use the right tennis balls. Unfortunately, you are chosen the wrong tennis balls that you are forming habits that may be tough to change later on.

Now, you are choosing tennis balls but how can you do it? We have to help you, suppose you need a tennis ball for a particular tennis match or practice. If you are a kid buying you should buy slower tennis balls but every other tennis balls have to use on many other tennis courts.

So if you have a hard court please use the extra duty tennis balls and if you live in high altitude place when you should choose pressureless tennis balls in order to get the most out of your game and last longer than others balls.

Best Tennis Balls for Beginners Guide Before Choice

Let’s see some of the most important criteria for choosing the right tennis balls for a particular age.

Regular Duty versus Extra Duty Tennis Balls

They’re the biggest differences between tennis balls in the market the extra duty vs regular duty tennis balls. These versions of tennis balls are suitable for separate tennis surfaces. So these are differences noticeable and the main difference between these balls is how long the balls will last.

Extra duty balls are made of nylon than wool but regular balls are made with nylon and wool that are similar. Also, the extra-duty balls will feel fluffier than regular tennis balls. That means that they will move a little bit slower and they will last longer on hard surfaces.

On the other hand, regular-duty tennis balls are less fluffy and it’s moving a little faster so which is a good sign for softer surfaces like clay courts or grass courts, and do not wear out tennis balls as fast as on hard surfaces.

beginners tennis players

Professional Vs Championship Tennis Balls

If you have curious to know where and how to use professional vs championship tennis balls you should aware of them. Professional balls always give the player a better feel but are a little bit expensive and it is not last longer balls.

That’s why they are usually chosen for only professional tournaments. On the contrary, the championship is very affordable with durable. Once you heard about this ball’s reputation anywhere.

These are still of great quality and they are the perfect choice if you’re looking for balls to use for a club match or practice session.

Perfect Age of Use of Tennis Balls

In this blog post this section of really important for you! Which balls for kids to play tennis, A 5-year-old kid will have very different needs than 180-pound professional players also like appropriate tennis gear.

So the manufactured tennis ball brand is aware and made of a tennis ball for a different tennis player, so let’s see the every player tennis ball version. But a round tennis racquet for high school players.

Types of Tennis Balls for Beginners and Kids

You are looking for beginner tennis balls and are just starting tennis play right away you. Great, now you have to look for the right tennis balls for you and your kids, you can find tennis balls that are specially for kids of different ages.

In the market, there are lots of foam tennis balls which are larger balls than regular tennis balls but it is a very slow and the easiest way to contact if you are demanding ones. So these are suitable tennis balls for beginners and kids who are under 8 years old.

Further, red felt tennis balls are the most popular tennis balls for kids between 6 and 8 years old but they are slightly larger and about 75% slower than regular ones. The next one would be orange felt tennis balls which are the same size as regular balls but it’s about 50% slower and aged between 9 to 10.

In the final stage, the green felt tennis balls, are the same size as regular balls and travel about 25% slower, and kids aged between 11 to 13.

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Junior Tennis Player

Junior tennis players who are playing a competitive level of tennis that consider playing with softened tennis balls and during practice tennis match with the best tennis balls for beginners UK and any other countries.

But the junior if want to switch to the championship or professional balls as they use for competition only. Still, it will help to stay injured-free and prepare well for tournaments. Well, every different surface needs particular tennis balls for the best tennis balls for hard courts.

Recreational Players

If you are a recreational player you just play a few times a month and fewer them. A recreational player who plays for fun and relaxation and even they are not concerned with their results. But you have sustained the ball that is very durable.

Some players if becoming good at exercise and relaxation want to more play. Thus, they need some of the most durable tennis balls for recreational tennis players. This will not limit your ball play longer.

Types of Tennis Balls for Beginners and many other players chart

 Player Stage

 Age Level

 Tennis Balls

For Kids

aged 6 or less

Wilson Starter 36′ Red Foam

For kids

aged 6 to 8

Penn QuickStart Tennis 36′ Red Felt

For kids

aged 9 to 10

Penn QuickStart Tennis 36′ Red Felt

For kids

aged 11 to 13

Penn Control Plus Green Dot

For junior players


Wilson US Open RD

For beginners


Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty

For professional players


Dunlop Australian Open

For players with injuries


Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty

 For altitude play


Dunlop ATP High Altitude

For clay courts

Clay Courts

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty

For hard courts

Hard Courts

Penn Championship XD

Grass courts

Grass Courts

Slazenger Wimbledon

For dry & cold weather

Winter Weather

Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty

For hot & humid weather

Humid Weather

Wilson Championship XD

FAQ on best tennis balls for beginners

How do I choose the right tennis ball?

It is simple to choose the right kind of tennis balls, you should follow some of the things to consider before purchasing any tennis balls, durable, bounce, long-lasting playability, and not heavy balls.

Are pressureless tennis balls good for beginners?

Yes, pressureless tennis balls are used for beginners, practice matches, and recreational play. Because of this pressureless tennis balls will last longer and achieve bounce from the rubber shell structure aren’t from the air on the inside.

Does the type of tennis ball matter?

Yes, there are many types of tennis balls various tennis balls for suitable tennis courts but different types of tennis balls for different ages of tennis players.

Final Words

In the market, there a massive tennis racquet for beginners tennis racquet at these ones find out confusing I think our guide will have helped you which the best tennis balls for beginners. And good luck to start your game with great enthusiasm.